Kery Allen


Kery Allen

Endurance ~ Yoga ~ Mobility ~ Life


Endorphin Classes

I am fortunate enough to teach and take classes at the best fitness studio in Denver. We accept all types of movement as valid forms of fitness, whether that be indoor or outdoor. I specialize in Functional Indoor Cycling, Yoga, a Cycle/ Yoga combo, and Mobility and Recovery classes. You can sign up for classes below. We welcome all levels and all types. 

Current Class Schedule

Mondays: 12pm Vinyasa Yoga at Wash Park, 4pm Cycle/Ass and Abs at Broadway

Wednesdays: 7pm Cycle/ Yoga at Broadway, 4pm Cycle/Ass and Abs at Broadway, 8:15pm Yin/Meditation at Broadway

Thursdays: 5:15pm Cycle/Yoga at LOHI

Fridays: 12pm Vinyasa Yoga at City Park, 1:15pm Yin Yoga at City Park, 4:15pm Cycle at Ryders, 5:15pm Cycle/ Yoga at Ryders