Endurance Coaching

I am a certified Endurance coach through the United Endurance Coaching Academy. I can help you reach your running and biking goals with personalized training plans, private training sessions, and constant support! 


Road Running 

I specialize in distances ranging from the 5k all the way up to marathons. I support all levels, and love first timers!

This training also includes a gait analysis, shoe suggestions, form drills, and time-trial workouts with me. 


Trail Running 

I specialize in distances from the 10k up to 50 miles. All levels welcome! 

This training also includes running days with me, trail specific techniques, food ideas for long runs, and an in-depth mapping of all trails in your area.


Road and Mountain Cycling

Specialize in any distance up to 100 miles! All levels!

Includes indoor and outdoor training plans, bike fit, gear suggestions, and so much more!