Manipura Chakra, Power and Individuality

I have been teaching my yoga classes about the different chakras. Chakras are the 7 key points of energy in your subtle body. They are aligned along your body’s median and are portals for the Prana (life force) to pass through. The portals (chakras) can get blocked and the energy can get stuck causing physical and emotional symptoms specific to each chakra. Through specific yoga poses and some life changes, you can unblock the prana to let it flow the way that it needs to.

This week we talked about the Manipura chakra located just below your navel. This chakra has always resonated with me. An unbalance in the Manipura chakra can cause a number of digestive issues. This can be anything from gurgles to severe ulcers to inability to digest nutrients. Emotionally, this imbalance can cause a feeling of powerlessness or loss of identity. As I was doing research for class, I realized that I was experiencing all of these symptoms. For weeks now, I have been having a plethora of stomach issues as well as feeling weak. I feel like I am wandering through my day without a direct purpose. I get all my work done, but I feel like I am lacking the drive that I had. I came into yoga class Monday feeling timid and a little scared to teach about a chakra that I was struggling with myself. Then I realized that maybe I am the perfect person to teach this on that day because I can be honest about how it feels. I also think that teaching about it and being honest with myself about feeling that way may help me to fix the problem.

As I brought up in class, I think that this could be a very popular issue in a lot of people in modern American society. I hear constantly that people have food sensitivities or stomach issues. This may be a legit food allergy or… maybe it’s from feeling a lack of individuality or feeling powerless in a relationship, a job, or in our society as a whole. I am not at all pretending that I know how to fix this unbalance in the Manipura chakra, as I am still trying to figure myself out. I am just trying to point people in a direction that might open more doors until they can find a personal cure for their symptoms and emotions. I always think people should find a relationship with their mind, their body, and their situation so that they can better care for themselves. Maybe do a little research into chakras ( I would recommend starting with this article and then maybe expand your search to a book or as you yoga instructor. and see if that might be something that resonates with you.

As always I will send you off with a challenge: 1. Be yourself, you know yourself better than anyone else. 2. Find your passion, your power and use it! 3. Don’t let anyone or anything drag you down… it’s not worth it.


Kery AllenComment