Working for Endorphin

Monday's are always a bit rough! Especially after a long weekend of trail running in the mountains with friends, live music, and brewery stops, but I am so lucky to make a living teaching people how to live more mindfully, to push people to their limits,  to meet amazing new teachers and students, and to work along side the best of the best! Come check us out! We have the most passionate instructors who create all of their own classes. We have the toughest and most rewarding classes in town, and we have the best deal!! 

I have been working here for about two years now, and couldn't be happier. I started as a trade cleaner wiping sweat off the stinky bikes, and the owner Chris Lindley offered me a job. He is one of the most inspiring and compassionate people I have ever met. He built this community from the ground up with the help of Endorphin's awesome staff and students. They inspired me to get certified to teach classes and to physically and emotionally push myself further than I ever have before. 

Basically what I am saying is, try it out... you won't be sorry! Who knows, we might change your life!

Kery AllenComment