Yoga and the Practice of Non-materialism

I love teaching and practicing yoga. It allows me to connect to others and to myself. The awareness of the body brings healing, stretching, and relaxing to my usually over worked body and mind. The yoga studio is a safe place to venture into the mind, to awaken memories and ideas, and to confront fears and personal limitations. But, the practice in the studio is not everything. My absolute favorite part of the practice of yoga is bringing mindfulness and non-materialism into a society based on money, technology, and "stuff" 

Studying yoga has taught me to slow down, to withdraw from the rapid pace of everything else, not just in the studio. The real practice of yoga happens outside of class in the rest of your life. Yoga is about bringing mindfulness into your everyday activities; slowing down, being present, creating quality connections with others, and more than anything truly believing that you are all that you need. You are enough! Everything else is just extra. You don't need that fancy new car or the pretty trophy wife or whatever it is you long for. Slow down and take stock of what you already have! I have really started to appreciate the friendships I make with my students, with people I meet in races, and even people I chat with in the grocery store. 

I have created a challenge for myself to spend a few minutes every night to reflect on my day. Just sitting quietly, eyes closed, mind open. I go through everything I did that day, remember every person I met. After that,  just sit silently focusing on that moment, sometimes 5 minutes sometimes more. My goal is to bring more mindfulness to my everyday actions. How will it affect others? The environment? Is that thing that I bought something I really needed or is it just me searching for fleeting instant gratification? How can I be more mindful tomorrow? How can I be of better service to others? To love people more? I challenge you to do the same. If you want to chat... let's chat. 

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